Pokemon GO: Pokemon with best attacking moves revealed [Full List]

IBTimes SG explores the full list of top Pokemons with best attacking moves and highest Combat Power (CP).

Pokemon GO, Niantic's new augmented-reality game has become a smash-hit across the globe, given its immersive gameplay elements such as catching rare Pokemons, evolving and training Pokemons, and finally becoming the best trainers in the game, using special attack or defense moves in Gym battles.

With a total of 151 Pokemons in the game, each one of those offer different Combat Power, attack and defense moves as well as health or hit points at each Trainer level. Here is the complete list of all Pokemons with the nest attacking moves (both Fast Move and Charge Move) in the game:

As in any game, Pokemon veterans have often proclaimed that 'Attack is the Best Defense' as you are most likely to lose more energy and hit points while trying to dodge or evade enemy attacks as opposed to using special attack moves such as Charge Move.

However, special moves or charge moves will drain your energy faster, but inflict greater damage on your rival trainers if used at the right moment. So, the best way to attack is to spam a fast move to drain your rival's hit points and then nail him with a killer secondary move or Charge Move.

Check out the complete list of Pokemons having the highest Combat Power (CP) along with their best attacking moves including Fast Move and Charge Move (courtesy of Reddit users: Cototheburn and Redroverwatch):

PokemonFast MoveCharge Move
MewtwoPsycho CutPsychic
DragoniteDragon BreathDragon Claw
ZapdosThunder ShockDischarge
SnorlaxLickBody Slam
LaprasFrost BreathIce Beam
ArticunoFrost BreathIce Beam
ExeggutorZen HeadbuttSeed Bomb
VaporeonWater GunAqua Tail
GyaradosDragon Breath or BiteDragon Pulse
MukPoison JabSludge Bomb
CharizardWing AttackDragon Claw
SlowbroWater GunWater Pulse
MachampKarate ChopSubmission
VenusaurVine WhipSludge Bomb
BlastoiseWater GunFlash Cannon
VictreebelRazor LeafSludge Bomb
PoliwrathMud ShotSubmission
VileplumeRazor LeafPetal Blizzard
NidoqueenPoison JabSludge Wave
NidokingPoison JabSludge Wave
ClefablePoundDazzling Gleam
GolduckWater GunPsychic
GolemMud ShotAncient Power
MagmarEmberFire Punch
WeezingAcidSludge Bomb
RhydonMud SlapStone Edge
OmasterWater GunRock Slide
TentacruelPoison JabSludge Wave
RapidashEmberDrill Run
HypnoZen HeadbuttPsyshock
StarmieWater GunPsybeam
WigglytuffPoundPlay Rough
AerodactylBiteIron Head
DewgongFrost BreathAqua Jet
JolteonThunder ShockDischarge
KangaskhanLow KickStomp
PinsirFury CutterX-Scissor
ElectabuzzThunder ShockThunder Punch
PidgeotWing AttackAir Cutter
GengarShadow ClawShadow Ball
ScytherSteel WingX-Scissor
CloysterFrost BreathIcy Wind
SeakingPoison JabDrill Run
KautopsMud ShotWater Pulse
RaichuSparkThunder Punch
GolbatWing AttackAir Cutter
VenomothBug BitePoison Fang
PrimeapeLow KickLow Sweep
TaurosTackleIron Head
DodrioFeint AttackAir Cutter
KinglerMud ShotWater Pulse
AlakazamPsycho CutPsychic
SandslashMud ShotBulldoze
ArbokBiteDark Pulse
ParasectBug BiteCross Poison
FearowPeckAerial Ace
TangelaVine WhipSludge Bomb
JynxFrost BreathPsyshock
SeadraWater GunDragon Pulse
MarowakMud SlapBone Club
PersianScratchNight Slash
HitmonchanBullet PunchBrick Break
Mr. MimeZen HeadbuttPsybeam
HitmonleeLow KickLow Sweep
ButterfreeBug BiteSignal Beam
RaticateBiteHyper Fang
BeedrillPoison JabX-Scissor
Farfetch'dCutAir Cutter
DugtrioMud ShotMud Bomb
DittoPoundStruggle (what, expecting Transform?)
OnixRock ThrowIron Head

Note: Mew is also capable of learning other attack powers like Hurricane, Earthquake, Psychic, Dragon Pulse, Thunder, Moonblast, Fire Blast, Solar Beam, and Hyper Beam.