From today onwards, Pokémon trainers can purchase increased Pokémon storage and item storage from the Pokémon in-game shop. With the new update, you will be able to upgrade Pokémon storage to a maximum of 3000, while you can also increase item storage purchase up to a maximum of 2500.

Following numerous request from Pokémon GO fan base, the developer has finally come up with the upgrade. With the update, Trainers would be able to treasure a maximum number of Pokémon up to 3000 for composing the best ever Pokémon team.

Happily, the developer has decided to stick with the earlier pricing for the increased items. TO increase 50 things you have to spend 200 PokéCoins, while for buying an equal number of Pokémon you have to pay the same amount of money.

Pokémon Go December Community update and Terrakion
The developer of Pokémon Go, Niantic, has also announced the December community day. But before the mega day comes up, Pokémon trainers can also enjoy an array of events like Supereffective week. The Supereffective week has already rolled out on November 19 and will continue till November 26.

Post Supereffective week, a new, more powerful Pokémon dubbed Terrakion will get debuted. The next member of the Swords of Justice will appear in five-star Raid battles starting November 26. The new legendary Pokémon will swap the currently available legendary- Cobalion.

Pokémon Go new update
Pokémon Go rolls out new update

During this Supereffective week, you would have a chance to catch new powerful Pokémons with potential to rage a war against Team Rocket and other trainers. These Pokémons can also be used in Raid Battles and help you through Field Research Tasks.

You can also get double the usual amount of Stardust from trainer battles. On top of that, you will get more potions and also revive more than usual. During the week, You can also get a chance to encounter Shiny Tentacool in the wild.

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