Pokemon GO likely to bring sponsored locations with popular brands like McDonald's

Nintendo is allegedly brewing a major deal with McDonald's to monetize sponsored locations for Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO, Nintendo's new augmented-reality game, has captured the global attention by storm as top brands across the world are contemplating the idea of featuring sponsored locations to promote their products and services. Retailers and restaurants like McDonald's are now jumping on the Pokemon GO bandwagon as a fresh report from Financial Times suggests the game will include new sponsored locations for promoting brands of varying sizes.

The catch here is to drive traffic to the pre-designated locations sponsored by these companies as people roam around catching digital Pocket Monsters or Pokemons. Precisely, Nintendo's key objective is to help monetize the app and earn revenues from sources other than the in-app purchases.

Meanwhile, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke has not divulged any details regarding the ensuing developments on the app functionality and its upcoming feature updates. Nevertheless, Gizmodo has confirmed in its recent report that the code within the app points to a brewing McDonald's deal that's at the verge of an imminent launch.

Apparently, Nintendo plans to expand and diversify the use of Gyms and PokeStops beyond the existing hotspots around monuments and other landmarks wherein Pokemon trainers can pickup special in-game items, power-ups and battle against rival players' Pokemons.