The much-awaited Pokemon Go, the new augmented reality game, is finally launched in Singapore on Saturday.

According to an announcement on the game's official Facebook page, Pokemon Go could be downloaded from both Apple and Google Play Stores.

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm since its launch in early July. It was first released in New Zealand and Australia followed by US. The game was launched in Japan on July 22. It was the first country in Asia to have the game.

The game was launched in 14 Asia and Oceanic countries and territories including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Pokemon fans in Singapore had been anxiously waiting for the launch of the game in the country.

Pokemon Go is a conventional "hide and seek" game where the players have to find virtual characters based on their real-world locations detected through their smartphones.

It has been praised as a fun way to get people outdoors. The game is on its way to becoming the first mobile game to break the US$4 billion-per-year barrier, beating Candy Crush Saga.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the Singapore National water agency, PUB reminded players to be careful while playing the game outdoors and said some Pokestops might be located near Singapore waterways.

Authorities have also warned players from walking into oncoming traffic, straying into restricted areas, or becoming victims of crimes.