'Pokemon Go' latest news: Curious case of the missing Shiny Krabby

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There are so many pocket monsters to aim for on "Pokemon Go" with most targeting the Legendary and special variants once released. And each time a new critter comes out in the open, the old hands such a Krabby take a backseat.

Niantic has done a wonderful job as far as giving these types of pocket monsters their spot in the limelight. Shiny variants of a specific type come out at one time and for a limited period. With so much to digest, only a few would notice some Pokemon missing at some point. And the latest pocket monster most have noticed missing is the shiny variants of Krabby and Kingler.

Though these are not the immediate "Pokemon Go" critters that one would prioritize in battles, they remain coveted for some augmented reality players. The shiny variants of Krabby and Kingler came out back in October 2018 but some players have pointed out how both have not been since November 2018, Game Rant reported.

Compared to the rare and hard-to-find Pokemon, this may be a minor issue for most. But for those who are adamantly looking for one, there are things that must be answered by Niantic no less. A couple of theories have been suggested on the dilemma over at The Silph Road thread.

One is that Krabby may have been temporarily removed from "Pokemon Go" and possibly returning at some point in the future. A likely time where it may return is during some special event or a Community Day event.

If not that route, some suggest that a rollback bug may be to blame for the missing water-type Pokemon. This normally occurs when the game gets new content, including a bug that rolls back the old content. This is only normal when updates are done, meaning game developers would need to go back and debug the script. And with so many activities and other things to do on "Pokemon Go," only a few would notice the issue.

There is also the possibility that its spawn rate has been reduced for some reason. With plenty of pocket monsters to snag, developers may have decreased the rate with focus on the more popular "Pokemon Go" critters. Lastly, it could be a regional problem meaning it is not a global issue. There was a handful who claimed they were able to get hold of the water-type Krabby although their claims are a bit questionable.

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