Pokemon GO: How to hack game data to show Pokemon on Google Maps

Step-by-step guide to hack Pokemon GO game data and reveal all nearby Pokemons on Google Maps.

Pokemon GO has become the worldwide phenomena as billions of gamers are hooked to Nintendo's game servers at any point of time. With the gaming app crashing inadvertently and the server connections becoming increasingly slow, veterans of the Pokemon community have devised a cool hack to extract game data and show Pokemon on Google Maps.

If you are struggling to find one of those rare Pokemons, you should try the Poke Radar or custom maps for Gyms and PokeStops locations. However, if that does not offer you the best solution then you could try using the hack for Google Maps, which will precisely pinpoint the exact location of each Pokemon in our locality.

This hack basically extracts game data from Pokemon GO app and then maps out the possible hideouts of specific types of Pokemons near your real-world location in Google Maps. Ahmed Almutawa is the developer of this tool which allows you to locate Pokemon, Gyms and Pokestops in quick time.

Curious users who want to get a head-start into the game can follow the instructions provided below, with due credit to Reddit user Waishda who has uploaded the steps on the popular site:

  • Download the zip file from github and unzip it.
  • Open Terminal.
  • Change the directory to the folder from github using the command: cd ~/Downloads/PokemonGo-Map-master
  • Hit enter and type in the command: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Once again hit enter and type in the following: python example.py -u myUsername -p myPassword -l "your location, worldwide "-st 10
  • Go to http://localhost:5000
  • Now wait till it says installation is 100% complete and then it will show the map

Note:It is recommended to create a Pokemon Trainers account besides the main Google account as you need to use the Trainer account password and username for this hack to work.

Alternatively, you can follow another guide posted by another Redditor IPostStupidThings here. That's it. You can now enjoy capturing all those elusive Pokemons in your locality without much sweat.