Pokemon GO Generation 2 update
Pokemon GO Gen 2 release date confirmed in latest leak

Avid Pokemon GO gamers are in for some exciting news as some fresh info pertaining to the game's Gen 2 release date has surfaced online in yet another leak via official Starbucks website. Fresh leak pertaining to the forthcoming Pokemon GO updates returns to spotlight, just two weeks after the initial leak through an APK teardown suggested that the Generation 2 version of the game would bring 100 new monsters into the game.

Pokemon GO Starbucks
Pokemon GO Starbucks Reddit

Following The Silph Road claim about the forthcoming update for Pokemon GO as evident in the leaked game code, there was another leak from a Starbucks employee claiming to have access to an internal memo that pointed to a potential release date of Pokemon GO Gen 2 set for 7 December. The Starbucks leak via Reddit also confirmed the addition of 100 new Gen 2 Pokemon into the popular augmented-reality game by Nintendo.

The latest leak comes as part of the Starbucks' highlights on its retail website about the upcoming events at stores across the US. Furthermore, the new leak reiterates that the Pokemon GO Gen 2 or version 2 will be releasing on 8 December as several stores across the country are destined to become either Gyms or Pokestops marking the advent of next-gen game.

As part of the promotion for the Pokemon GO Gen 2 release, Starbucks stores will be offering The Pokemon GO Frappuccino Blended Creme - a special beverage designed exclusively for the game. As per the leaked screenshot via Reddit, the Frapuccino will be priced at $4.95 per cup.

Pokemon GO Starbucks

The AR game wouldn't get any better with the opportunity to sip a cup of coffee at Starbucks while devising plans to capture one of the 100 new pocket monsters that will debut with the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update.