Pokemon GO: Future update to bring trading, catching legendries and VR support

Freshly leaked game files pertaining to future updates suggest the addition of Pokemon trading, catching legendary Pokemons and more.

Pokemon GO, Nintendo's highly-acclaimed augmented-reality (AR) game is gradually fading off the public's memory, following the unparalleled fan-frenzy preceding its launch across the globe.

Nevertheless, die-hard fans of Pokemon are in for some exciting news as freshly leaked update files suggest a slew of new features being incorporated into the game ranging from the ability to trade Pocket Monsters with friends to escorting a buddy Pokemon around the world of augmented reality. These buddy Pokemons can follow you in your quest to catch legendary Pokemons and collect candies in the epic AR world.

The trading feature is confirmed through the existence of new game-code such as "trade_search" and "trade_offer" being thrown into the mix, as the game developer Niantic ponders new ways to renew gamers' interest in the popular franchise.

According to Business Insider, the game's title code now includes a new placeholder that reads "activity_catch_legend_pokemon" indicating that players could finally venture out into the epic quest of taming and catching the legendary Pokemons in the game.

Also, the game will see the advent of new incense sticks to enable players attract specific Pokemon types as the game gets hotter with the arrival of Legendary Pokemons. A new set of codes namely "item_incense_floral" and "item_incense_cool" have been unearthed in the game update files, which confirm the addition of new incense sticks into the game.

Pokemon GO could well become the first AR game to support the virtual reality (VR) gameplay experience with future updates.