Pokemon GO December update
Pokemon GO: Fix for delayed loading issue coming soon, workaround revealed

Pokemon GO fans are in for some good news as the game developer has officially acknowledged the delayed loading issue in the game and offered to roll out a fix with the upcoming update. Meanwhile, avid Pokemon GO players can try the workaround suggested by Niantic.

Affected users have reported that Pokemon GO is currently experiencing delayed loading issues or latency problems, wherein the Pokestops and Gyms are failing to load on the map while Nearby Pokemon feature fails to show up any monsters within the tracker.

Niantic has suggested gamers should restart their game in order to resolve the latency issues temporarily or until a permanent fix is rolled out by the company. Here's what the game developer said in a recent public statement:

"Trainers, there is a known bug causing delayed loading. We are working on a fix. As a workaround, you can restart the app in order to play."

Various reports also suggest that the impending Generation 2 update for Pokemon GO could be the reason for delaying a fix for the ensuing latency problems with the game. Nevertheless, Niantic's official acknowledgement about the problem should hasten the release of next bug-fix update for the popular AR game.