Pokemon GO has been a phenomenal success in the world of augmented-reality gaming while players around the globe have often been misled with a bunch of wild myths and rumours about some secret-gameplay tips. IBTimes SG attempts to debunk a bunch of these false illusions in Pokemon GO in this simple guide.

Here are the top five Pokemon Go myths and rumours that have been debunked:

Pokemon spawn controlled by Day/Night cycle

Nintendo's new augmented-reality (AR) game uses Geotagging feature to detect Pokemons in real-world maps via GPS.

However, several rumours abound the thunderstorms will spawn Electric Pokemon while rains will summon Water Pokemon.

Truth: Pokemon spawn locations are actually determined by geography and neither the prevailing weather conditions nor the Lure module or incense sticks have any bearing on the pocket monsters. Furthermore, the appearance of Ghost Pokemon is not determined by Day/Night cycle as they can be spotted anytime of the day and night regardless of timings.

Nearby Tab's Green Pulse

Whenever you explore an uncharted territory in Pokemon GO, the Pokemon tracker or Nearby Tab throws a Green signal or pulse. It is believed that the tracker clearly indicates the direction you are walking or tells you to stop when you located a Pokemon.

Truth: The Green Pulse in the Nearby Tab actually suggests that the tab is being refreshed when you enter a new area. With every Pokemon in the real-world location tied to a spawning timer, they will disappear after a pre-defined period.

Consequently, the Pokemon icon in the top-left corner with spinning ball confirms that the Nearby Tab is being refreshed.

Eevee Evolution

It is widely speculated that you can choose to get Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon while evolving an Eevee depending on their Moveset.

Truth: Contrary to the belief, veterans of the Pokemon community have now ascertained that you can just name your Eevee to Pyro, Sparky or Rainer to develop them into any kind of evolution you want.

Reclaiming Pokeball

The Internet is abuzz with false rumours and claims that you could actually reclaim your Pokeball if the screen freezes or you miss the target while capturing a Pokemon. It is believed that you can tap the Pokeball quickly after you miss the hit to return them to your inventory.

Truth: When you tap the Pokeball, nothing will actually happen as it is just an animation sequence where the Pokeball will disappear in a couple of seconds. However, you can get new Pokeballs for free from nearby PokeStops.

Google Maps reduce data consumption

One of the popular speculations suggest that downloading an offline Google Map for your local area could slash your data-consumption bills as it will speed up the load times and save you from constant server-crashes.

Truth: Downloading offline Google maps will have no effect on the overall gameplay experience or data consumption as the game barely consumes 8-10MB per hour if used uninterrupted. Consequently, there is no need to download the local or offline maps.