Pokemon GO fans build site to monitor and predict server crash

Some New York engineers have built a Pokemon GO service status site to predict server crashes in real-time.

Die-hard Pokemon GO fans can now rest assured as a bunch of engineering colleagues at New York's cloud monitoring startup 'Datadog', have built a dedicated site to monitor and predict server crashes in real-time. Gamers can now precisely find out if the game servers are at the verge of crashing.

The Pokemon GO server-monitoring site is precisely named as IsPokemonGoDownOrNot as it gives the user a complete picture of when the server is up and running or if it is going down anytime soon. With the recent addition of game servers for the Canadian region, the users are expected to embrace more outages in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Pokemon GO launch in Japan has been delayed due to lack of enough server resources and other technical constraints.

Nevertheless, curious and restless gamers can make use of the server-status tracking site to check availability and login wait time to know when the servers are running on peak loads or if they are free to support more users. The site checks in every 30 seconds using your Pokemon Trainer Club account to monitor if the server connection is fine and responding to user requests without delays or timeouts, reports Forbes.

For instance, if the login time exceeds 8 seconds, the game server is reaching the threshold level and if it goes above 15 seconds then it is at the critical level or reached maximum capacity. There are other parameters like the game's Uptime and server latency, which determine the risk factor and chances of a server crash at any instant.

Based on these critical readings, the engineers who are monitoring the site can predict if and when it's safe to use the lure module in the game to attract hordes of Pokemon for 30 minutes.

In addition, users can also compare how the game servers across US and Europe stack up against each other while also tracking past outages like when the game server was up for the last time before the crash.

It is ascertained that the Pokemon GO servers are usually unstable and likely to crash when the East Coast of the US joins the game. The game servers will be tested on this site starting 19 July using a Google account log-in credentials.