Pokemon Go: EXO's Chanyeol apologizes for downloading the game illegally

Many netizens criticized the Korean singer for the unlawful action.

EXO's Chanyeol has extended an apology to his fans for illegally downloading a part of the popular digitized game, Pokemon Go. The singer reportedly keyed into Pokémon Go - Gold and Silver, which is currently not accessible on phones legally.

On 18 July, the 23-year-old updated his social media account with a phone video showcasing a clip of the game in question. As per Allkpop reports, many netizens criticized the Korean singer and accused him of unlawful action. The game enthusiasts pointed out to the singer by commenting: "That's illegal game downloading."

Another fan stated: "This is possible on your cell phone? Isn't this illegal?"

A surprised fan asked: "Why is he admitting to illegal downloading?"

However, after realizing the sensitivity of the situation, the EXO member deleted his previous post and expressed his regret for setting a wrongful example. Chanyeol wrote: "The reason I am uploading a post like this today is because I wish to write a few sentences as an apology to everyone. First, I'm also someone who really enjoys games, and as a public figure, I believe my actions in uploading a video that shows the use of an illegally downloaded game on my Instagram was rash. "

The Seoul-born rapper-singer further added: "Also, I want to apologize to all the users who legally use licensed products and as well as anyone else who may have felt troubled. Moving forward, I'll become someone who's more careful in many different aspects at all times, and will properly use genuine products only."