Pokemon GO down: Hacking group claims responsibility for crashing game servers with DDOS attack

PoodleCorp hacking group claims responsibility for crashing Pokemon GO servers on 16 July with DDOS attack.

Several Pokemon GO users have reported to be facing difficulties in accessing the game server since 16 July while a hacking group called 'PoodleCorp' has claimed responsibility for its action. In its recent message on Twitter, the group has claimed to be the perpetrator behind taking down the game servers using a DDOS attack.

A user named XO has posted another tweet claiming to be the leader of PoodleCorp, which was later retweeted using the same hacking group account.

PoodleCorp has a track record for targeting high-profile candidates like popular YouTuber Pewdiepie, reports Gearnuke.

DDOS attack is the most common method that hackers use to crash servers by overloading them with countless requests every second and thereby forcing a crash or freeze with 'Distributed Denial of Service' error.

According to the Independent, several users across the US and Europe complained about the inability to access the game servers as their connection was intermittently freezing.

As the news of the attack spread like wildfire over the internet, numerous players took to Twitter to vent their ire. Check out a few of those tweets from agitated and disappointed fans of the game:

This is not the first server crash with Pokemon GO as a similar incident happened when the game was initially released in select countries including the US, Australia and New Zealand. The inadequacy of game server capability under peak loads coupled with unauthorized login attempts through third-party APK installations had crashed Nintendo's servers earlier.