Pokemon GO coming to Apple Watch soon

Apple has just announced Pokemon GO for Apple Watch in partnership with Niantic Labs.

Apple Watch owners are in for some exciting news as both Niantic Labs and Apple have announced the Pokemon GO app launch for new Series 2 wearables from the iPhone maker. Although Apple Watch Series 2 hardware may not size up to an iPhone or iPad, the flagship wearable has a built-in GPS that can help incorporate Pokemon GO features.

Here is how the Pokemon GO Apple Watch experience is intended to work:

Apple Watch users will receive an instant notification on their device when a Pokemon appears in their neighbourhood based on the device's current location. Owners will then be prompted to launch the app on the iPhone and complete the process of capturing or adding the new Pokemon to their Pokedex.

According to folks at Redmond Pie, the Pokemon GO user interface on the Apple Watch is slick and user-friendly with full access to minute details such as the distance to walk for the egg to hatch, instant notification about the precise moment when the egg will hatch, and the ability to hatch the egg before revealing its contents with just a simple tap, using the watch interface.

The new Pokemon GO Apple Watch experience also offers instant alerts to the user when a Pokestop is nearby. Using an iPhone, the user can then interact with the gaming app and jump to that Pokestop in order to collect all of the special items in the location.

As the Pokemon GO interface is integrated with the Apple Watch's workouts feature, it will reveal all the vital stats such as the distance walked by you along with the in-game details about hatched eggs and captured Pokemons.

Pokemon GO could become ultra-popular with the advent of Apple Watch version as it is poised to overshadow the gameplay features with iPhones and iPads in the near future.