Pokemon Go: Check out these popular hot spots in Singapore to catch rare Pokemons

After the launch of Pokemon Go in Singapore, fans have been going crazy in search of their hidden pocket monsters at several locations.

Pokemon Go, the new sensational AR mobile game, has created a state of frenzy among its Singapore fans. They have fanned out across the nation in search of their hidden pocket monsters and to take control of "gyms," which are real-life locations throughout the real world.

Singapore being a small nation indicates that gyms and Pokestops (the places where users can get virtual items) are not far away from the players.

Here are a few places which are already popular hot spots for Pokemon in Singapore.

Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

The Toa Payoh Dragon Playground is one of Singapore's most loved places. But now it has become even more famous as a Pokemon hot spot. Since Saturday morning, the playground is the home of a gym and several Pokemon fans are crowding around the ground.

ION Orchard

Singapore's popular shopping mall, ION Orchard is the home to several Pokestops. In fact it is the best place to catch your virtual characters if you happen to be in the same area. Orchard Turn Developments, the manager of ION Orchard mall, has planned to release hundreds of Pokemon Go lures at the mall. Lures are designed to attract a large number of Pokemon to a specific location.

MRT Stations

Singaporeans are likely to visit MRT stations, which are either Pokestops or gyms, almost regularly and thus you can catch your favourite Pokemons while you are there at the station.

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden is one of the areas in Singapore to have high concentrations of Pokestops and gyms. Online reports show that the garden along with its neighbouring Japanese garden includes at least three gyms with almost 20 Pokestops.

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin which is located on the north-east coast of Singapore is another prominent home to a number of Pokestops and gyms. But if you wish to catch those on Ubin, you have to travel almost the entire place on a ferry.

Tourist Spots

All the well-known tourist attractions in Singapore including Singapore Zoo, Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands or Gardens by the Bay, are home to loads of gyms and Pokestops. But these places might be too crowded as both tourists and Pokemon Go fans will be visiting these places.


In case you don't have so much scope to hop around the above mentioned places, don't get disheartened. There are a decent number of Poke stops and gyms on the streets at your neighbourhood. Those are either tagged to statues, signs or landmarks that you walk by every day. You can catch those characters simply by taking a walk at your familiar places.