Pokemon GO cheat guide: How to get unlimited incense for free

Pokemon GO cheat guide to get unlimited incense capability for free.

Pokemon GO features a treasure trove of hidden secrets and cheats that can help you capture rare Pokemons near your location. Acquiring Lure modules and unlimited incense timer are two of the greatest ways to beat your rivals in your quest to catch the rarest of Pokemons in the game.

Unlike Potions and Pokeballs, you need to buy Lure Modules and Incense from the stores for PokeCoins or real money as they are not available for free via PokeStops. If you are short of money or PokeCoins, here is a simple Pokemon GO cheat guide to acquire Unlimited Incense for free.

How to get unlimited incense for free in Pokemon GO

Here are the steps to get free Unlimited Incense Timer in Nintendo's popular augmented-reality game:

Step 1: Activate the Incense via Items Bag

Step 2: Keep catching all the Pokemon you can find until the Incense Timer drops down to 5 minutes

Step 3: Now minimize the game window by pressing the Home button and then navigate to Settings, Date and Time Option

Step 4: Turn Off the option 'Automatically Time and Date Set"

Step 5: Set the Time back by 20 Minutes

Step 6: Launch the Game and the Incense Timer should be increased by 20

Step 7: Rinse and repeat the process to gain free Unlimited Incense capability

[Source: Gamepur]