Pokemon GO: Buddy Pokemon update coming soon with in-game rewards

Niantic announces 'Buddy Pokemon' update for Pokemon GO with a slew of in-game rewards.

Niantic, the developer of popular augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO', has announced the arrival of Buddy Pokemon update with a bunch of new in-game rewards and goodies. This should come as a welcome change to Pokemon aficionados especially in the wake of declining popularity for the game after its global release.

Avid Pokemon fans can now pick one of their favourite Pokemons from the inventory as their 'Buddy', who will follow the player in his epic adventure of hunting rare Pokemons and collecting rare items or candies. The chosen Buddy will give you bonus candies for walking around the town with them.

However, there is no word on how many candies you can earn from your Buddy or unlock special rewards as your Buddy Pokemon ranks up in the game. Given the difficulty in securing candies for rare Pokemon, the Buddy feature could be the sole saviour for newbies in the world of Pokemon GO.

What's more? One can also swap or switch to a stronger Pokemon like Dragonite as their Buddy from the inventory at any time.