Pokemon GO: Best IV Calculator apps for web and mobile phones revealed

Here's a useful collection of Individual Values Calculator apps for Pokemon GO on web and mobile platforms.

Pokemon GO
Best Pokemon GO IV Calculator apps for web and mobile phones

Avid Pokemon GO gamers are in for some good news as the best Pokemon GO Individual Values (IV) Calculator apps are now available for download on web and mobile phones. The IV Calculator app for Pokemon GO enables users determine the specific stats for each kind of Pokemon such as unique attack, defence and stamina values from 0 to 15, besides showing the individual Combat Power (CP) and base species stats in the game.

Veteran gamers would have found out the hard way that Nintendo's augmented-reality game does not define these individual values, although they are stored in the backend. So, it is imperative to understand the vital stats that make a Pokemon formidable in Gym battles.

IBTimes SG explores a few apps which can help players calculate the perfect percentage or identify the strongest Pokemons in the game for defence and attack.

Pokemon GO Nexus

Pokemon GO Nexus is another compact app with attention to minute details including the hit points, candy requirements for evolution and the perfect score for each kind of Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon GO Nexus

Download this app via pgnexus.gg.


Pokemon GO players on the Android platform can go ahead and download the PokeTool as an APK file via GitHub.

Pokemon GO IV Calculator

Pokemon IV Calculator

It is a simple web-based app and can be used on any platform. Interested users may download this app via pokemon.gameinfo.io.

Pokemon GO IV Calculator Google Sheet

Avid Pokemon GO players who prefer using the community built IV Calculator spreadsheet can go ahead and download the same via Google Docs.

Download IV Calculator Google Sheet

IV Calculator – PokeGO Master

Android IV Calculator - PokeGO Master

PokeGO Master is a native Android app, which is free to download via Google Play Store.

Download IV Calculator – PokeGO Master

Poke Assistant IV Calculator

Pokemon Assistant IV Calaculator

It is a more refined version of the IV Calculator on the web, which filters out the best and worst IVs for your Pokemon's species and its evolutions. It also presents you detailed info about the HP and CP values of your Pokemon at various levels.

Interested users can download this app by navigating to pokeassistant.com/main/ivcalculator.

[Source: Redmond Pie]