Pokemon GO Appraisal feature: How it works, chart and guide

A comprehensive guide to Pokemon GO's new Appraisal feature with remarks chart.

Nintendo's smash-hit Augmented-Reality (AR) game recently received a bug-fix update along with a major feature integration called Pokemon Appraisal which allows gamers to get their captured Pokemons appraised via Team Leaders. Although the feature appears to be intuitive and straightforward, the appraisal remarks made by the Team Leaders could be cryptic and confusing to newbies in the game.

With due credit to Redmond Pie, here is a simple breakdown of the Appraisal feature along with its true meaning, explanation of the chart and a simple guide to understand how your Pokemons can progress through various levels of appraisals from your Team Leaders:

What is Appraisal feature and how it works?

All Pokemon GO versions starting with v1.5.0 for iOS and v0.35.0 for Android, the new Appraisal feature can be accessed via main menu. Now you can select to view all the Pokemons captured or owned by you.

After choosing the specific Pokemon, just hit the button appearing with three horizontal lines and then tap the Appraise option.

Now, your relevant Team Leader – Spark, Candela, or Blanche – will offer a slew of statements regarding the power and performance values of the chosen Pokemon. Each of these statements actually denotes specific value for your monster and determines if it is among the best or worst performers.

Combined IV

Each of your Pokemon's strength is determined by its combined value, which is obtained by adding up its individual stats pertaining to attack, stamina and defense whose values are represented by any number from 1 to 15. Finally, the total value of the Pokemon is represented by a number between 0 and 45 as suggested by the Team Leader.

Top Stat

Top Stat represents the second stage of the appraisal process which is determined by the highest ranking individual value of the selected Pokemon. For instance, if a Pokemon has the highest individual value pertaining to its defensive abilities then the Team Leader will highlight that aspect or point out those strong suits that really stand out in the crowd.


Like in most video games, it seems the size of your Pokemon will have a big impact on its attacking and defensive abilities in the game. The bigger the size of your Pokemon, the better will be your chances of success in Gym battles.

The third parameter in the appraisal process will obviously evaluate if your Pokemon is big enough in comparison to the competition. Check out the chart for a better understanding of how individual values are assigned to a Pokemon.

[Source: Redmond Pie]