A poetic investment: Harshada Pathare

Harshada Pathare

Are you a fan of podcasts? Well, if you haven't heard of one, then I would say you are definitely missing out on culture here. Podcasts are one of the hottest trends these days, and if you are familiar with this type of content, you must have heard of Harshada Pathare's podcast RETHINK, which is available on Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music, as well as her YouTube series SHODH Documentary.

About Harshada: She's a professional author, poet, and public speaker who wants to reframe her own thoughts and ideas. Well, Mumbai locals are always known for thinking outside the box, so she is too.

With a blue-tick social media account, you can easily guess that she is already an established influencer, but unlike most other influencers, she is one of those with intellect. Just as an old saying goes, that says, everything that glitters is not gold. The same was done in the case of Harshada Pathare. With a middle-class background, it is not easy to express your ideas. However, someone born with a rebellious spirit will always shine above the rest, breaking the mould of mediocrity. Harshada is one of those rebel spirits.

She has been stressing that we express and experience creativity not in the generic manner of assessment but in a method that can be flexible. If you need a simple explanation for this, it could be that you get to define productivity only after you indulge in the process itself. There is no defined formula for calculating the return on your investment, which I define as your time, effort, and perspective analysis of what might work and what might not.

What does a poet seek? being insightful and inspirational. As a creative person, she doesn't restrict herself to whether it's a poem, story, or article.

To deduce real-life experience into something interesting is a degree of an artist's virtue in which he/she entangles their audience in one of the most fascinating manners. That will be a box office hit now. It's easier when you say it than it's done. Harshada's success can be defined as her ability to tap into her audience's taste with a twist of her magic masala. As a writer, she just knows what to put in her gigs that will get her going.

Believe me, to find your mojo in the artistic world where you will be judged instantly is not a cup of tea everyone can brew. A certain amount of intellect with the right amount of passion mixed with a unique idea slowly cooked in the pot of patience & endurance still with an uncertain outcome of success, & yes, there can be many different methods to come up with your creative idea & shape it up to something magical for an audience. If you want more insight just dive in to Harshada's world & witness the magic by yourself.

You can follow Harshada's work from Ocean Heart 2007 to Love Talks 2020.