PlayStation 5 specs: Sony explains the awesome power of its next-gen gaming console

PlayStation 5 will feature eight Zen 2 Cores clocked at 3.5GHz

After a prolonged wait, Sony has finally spelt out the specifications of its next-gen gaming console PlayStation 5. The GDC Livestream has also thrown some light on the upcoming features of this gaming beast. The hourlong presentation highlighted much-awaited features like backward compatibility, load times, graphic quality, performance abilities, 3D audio engine and a lot more.

Through the livestream event, PlayStation system architect Mark Cerny highlighted all the key features of the upcoming Sony-branded gaming console. The PlayStation 5 will feature eight Zen 2 Cores clocked at 3.5GHz. The powerful CPU of the PS5 will be accompanied by a GPU having 10.28 TFlLOPs, 36 CUs clocked at 2.23GHz using custom RNDA architecture. Both the system processor and the GPU will offer variable frequency.

The PS5 will come with a whopping 256-bit 16GB GDDR6 RAM accompanied by a speed of 448GB per second. To offer top-notch performance, the PS5 will have a custom SSD with a storage capacity of 825 GB. The IO throughput of the upcoming gaming console will be 5.5GB per second for raw data. It will be capable of offering up to 8.9GB per second while dealing with compressed data.

The PlayStation 5 will come with an NVMe SSD slot for expanding the device storage. It will also support external HDD via the USB port. As expected, the PlayStation 5 will also feature a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive in it.

Microsoft's upcoming gaming console, XBOX Series X will offer 12 TFLOPs of performance, which is a tad higher than the PlayStation 5's performance. But as Cerny noted in his presentation, TFLOPs are not the only concern to measure console performance. Instead of featuring lower TFLOPs on paper, the PS5 will be capable of offering more power while at work.

Compared to PlayStation 5, the upcoming XBOX Series X's GPU will offer similar 16 GB GDDR6 RAM with a performance speed of 560GB per second. The variable memory bus will let the first 10GB to offer a speed of 560GB per second, while the rest of the 6 GB will run at 330 GB per second speed. The XBOX Series X to allows you to expand your SSD storage using a proprietary Seagate-made the drive and let you archive your games in an external hard drive.

Sony PS5
Representative Image: The official Sony PlayStation 5 logo, unveiled by the company at CES 2020. Instagram / @playstation