Play Store app for Android TV
Play Store app update brings crash fix for Android TV [APK download]

The Play Store on Android TV has long been plagued with an annoying bug resulting in the app crash, whenever a user tried selecting any app category such as 'News' or 'Action Games'. However, now the issue seems to be fixed, thanks to the rollout of Play Store version 7.5.08.M which is a bug-fix update available as APK download.

There is a YouTube video (see below) depicting the problem visually, wherein you will notice the crash while launching Action Games via Play Store. Android Police reports the issue has been causing severe frustration to both users and publishers till date, but the latest Play Store update seems to have fixed it.

Affected Play Store users may go ahead and install the bug-fix manually, using the APK file from APK Mirror on their Android TV rather than waiting for the official rollout.