Platinum Times Co Is Expanding Globally to Provide Luxury Watches to High-End Clients

Platinum Times Co

The luxury watch industry has reached an astonishing market value of $7 billion. Getting a sliver of that pie is Platinum Times Co. As a buyer, seller, and reader of luxury watches since 2010, this company has quickly cemented itself as an authentic and reliable dealer of some of the most sought-after luxury timepieces today.

What makes Platinum Times Co stand out its dedication to reliability and customer service, while offering great watches at competitive prices. The company enjoys a very unique client base and has an extensive network of suppliers and experts located around the world. Its focus on delivering bespoke customer service means it is always available for its clients, both before and after a purchase. Unlike many dealers in the luxury watch industry, they do not disappear after they make a sale. In fact, Raul even buys back a watch at some point if a client doesn't want it anymore, or if they wish to upgrade to a newer one.

An impressive 18-month warranty coupled with 10-day no-hassle returns allows its clients to enjoy worry-free shopping for the luxury watch they desire. No matter what watch a customer wants, this company always seems to find a way to obtain it. If you know anything about the luxury watch market, then you know that some pieces are incredibly difficult to find. There are pieces that are practically unicorns, almost never seeing the light of day. Yet, Platinum Times comes through, every time. Ever since founding the company, there has never been a time where it has had to tell a client "Sorry, we couldn't find it." A solution Raul always presents itself, regardless of the situation.

Providing same-day shipping and being available 24/7 has also helped bolster this company's reputation over the years. Given all of the success and increase in clout that Platinum times has enjoyed more recently, it is now looking to expand its reach around the world. Sales have been growing year over year for a few years now at over 50%. In 2020, Platinum Times Co finally became a nine-figure company, which is an extraordinary feat for a decade-old business. Selling thousands of watches annually currently, this luxury watch dealer boasts of having clients in over 20 countries.

With all of this success, Platinum Times Co has been expanding. It is establishing a physical store presence in five or more countries globally, which Raul further entrench it in the luxury watch niche. Raul, the founder of Platinum Times Co, is highly passionate about luxury watches, and is planning to become the leader of the entire industry.

Helping him do that is a dedicated team. Platinum Times Co is run by a team of almost 50 employees, serving the company's clients around the world. One of the keys to its success is the fact that it is very well organized. From the first to final step, each staff member ensures the process is perfect.

The operation is a big one, which is why every staff member is tasked with fulfilling their role to deliver precise service to each client. Given the accelerated success his company has had up to this point, it is not difficult to see a path towards actualizing this goal.