'Plastic Surgery Road Trip' Takes all our obsessions and wraps them into one irresistible production

Dr. Ross Blagg

If you are an adventure-seeking soul and craving to hit the road to quench your thirst for adventure, you are going to have a blast with a Plastic Surgery Road Trip or "PSRT" for those in a hurry. This adventure-centered project has it all - American road trips filled with thrills and food, heart-warming stories, and plastic surgery. Who doesn't love an adventurous trip that ends in a makeover moment?

Produced by Lyfe in Plastic Productions, this project is based on the concept of adventure philanthropy. Dr. Ross Blagg, the man behind the idea, started the project in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, he frequented Haiti and Guatemala on surgical missions. But when borders closed, he was grounded. Not one to sit still too long, he decided to strike out across his own country to find amazing stories and valiant people who needed plastic surgery to help complete their journeys.

And the best part? Everyone can follow the adventure on the PSRT YouTube channel.

During the first episodes, Dr. Ross and his buddy Jackson Carter (Biggest Loser Season 13) road trip to Houston, Texas to meet an influencer who lost over 100 lbs through diet and exercise and subsequently took the stage to compete in a body transformation competition, loose skin and all. Inspired by her story, the duo surprise her with the offer of skin removal surgery.

The project is a creative blend of adventure, humanitarian service, and all the feels. Dr. Ross aims to tell a different side of the plastic surgery story. "I sometimes feel like plastic surgery needs a media facelift," says Dr. Ross. "Behind each surgery is a patient's story. And that's really what I'm trying to say."

Dr. Blagg is a plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. He is a versatile professional with a knack for the arts, adventure, philanthropy, medicine, and plastic surgery. He seems to be a man who truly does it all. Many wonder how he finds the time. However, he does it, we're here to watch what he does next!