Plastic Surgeon, Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Morin On What Inspired Him To Help People

Dr. Morin

Being a doctor and surgeon is not just about treating people. You have to build a foundation of faith, comfort, and honesty with your patients. Over the past few years, New York and New Jersey plastic surgeon Robert Morin, MD has gained popularity for his brilliant work and kind heart. He is a well-respected and well known Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Craniofacial Surgeon and Pediatric Plastic Surgeon.

As a surgeon, Dr Morin performs complex reconstructive surgery on the faces and skulls of both adults and children. In addition, he started a 501c3 charity, named Developing Faces, that organizes surgical missions to Central and South America in order to reconstruct the faces of children born with severe facial deformities. Dr Morin has performed surgical missions in Guatemala, Colombia, Haiti, Mauritius and the Philippines.

No matter how challenging it gets at times, Plastic Surgeon Dr Robert Morin is always motivated and driven to help people and to positively change their lives. He feels a sense of joy when helping people, especially children. It was his father who inspired him to help others. Dr Morin's father is a foot and ankle surgeon, whom he has watched help others since childhood. From his younger days, Robert made up his mind to become a surgeon just like his dad.

In his career as a surgeon, Dr Robert Morin has helped restore many lives. When asked to narrate one of the incidents that impacted and changed his life forever, the surgeon shared, "One of the most impactful events in my life was watching my aunt die of AIDS in the '80s. I felt completely helpless, and I decided that I would never be helpless in a situation like that again. I subsequently trained extensively in medicine, trauma and critical care. Although I no longer save lives on a daily basis, I could if I had to."

He adds, "Another life-altering event took place during one of my plastic surgery rotations in medical school. A young girl was involved in a horrible car crash and half of her face was destroyed. Our team of plastic surgeons operated on her many times and ultimately reconstructed her face using skin and soft tissue from her back."

Dr Morin believes that his profession generally has a positive impact on people's lives. By reconstructing faces and restoring normal, people can feel confident again and they can successfully move on with their lives. He cautions, however, against overdoing it or getting surgery for the wrong reason. "Plastic surgery is a powerful tool. In the right hands and on the right person, it can bring about life-altering positive change. When taken to an extreme or used carelessly, however, it can be dangerous."