Planning to have lip fillers? This horrific transformation will make you think twice [PHOTOS]

Lip fillers

Ever since Kylie Jenner sported those plump pouts, lip fillers have become quite popular. People are trying several ways to get the ultra plumped up lips, either by suction cups, lip-swelling device or lip fillers. But, they are unaware of the serious consequences of the growing trend.

Sally Roberts, from Wrexham in North Wales tried similar lip fillers and was left in 'absolute agony' when she had an allergic reaction. The morning after the procedure Sally's lips were swollen and some liquid was oozing from blisters on her painfully cracked lips.

The condition of Sally's lips was such that she couldn't even eat, drink, or talk properly. Sally was shocked to see this as the procedure was carried out by a 'qualified nurse in a reputable salon'.

Sally Roberts

Sally sought expert advice as she was at risk of going into anaphylactic shock. She was put on steroids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines and strong pain killers to fight the reaction.

She decided to share pictures and video of her damaged lips to raise awareness of the risks of cosmetic procedures on Facebook and wrote: "This isn't a post slating cosmetic surgery as I love Botox and have never had any reactions with that, and I've always really wanted my lips done."

"But this has been a massive eye opener for me. I look like something out of a horror film." She added: "If you're thinking about lip fillers, be prepared for the possibility of a BAD reaction."

"The last few days have been absolutely horrific, the infection has gone into my blood and made me really poorly. You never think things like this will happen to you," Sally said.

This article was first published on January 5, 2018