Pizza delivering reindeer? See how Domino's plans delivery this winter

Domino's has said it will reveal more details on its website on 24 November.

Domino's pizza in Japan plans to engage reindeers for delivery this winter
Domino's said it will reveal more details on its website on 24 November.

Domino's pizza in Japan has come up with a foolproof plan to combat the harsh winter in the country and never fail a delivery. The pizza restaurant chain has decided to engage reindeer in making delivery of orders easy, reported local media.

A reindeer, which is naturally able to withstand extremely cold temperature, is being trained by professional animal trainers to deliver pizzas so that no party runs out of the delicious flatbread dish.

However, it is reported that the authorities have said there are many logistical hurdles in the plan that need to be overcome first in order to utilise Santa Claus's efficient transporter.

Firstly, experts argue that safety is the most important concern as reindeer are wild animals and can turn to people if felt threatened. Secondly, it needs to be figured out how long a reindeer can travel to deliver the order without being tired or harmed. Moreover, Domino's is concerned about how the reindeer will behave if it meets with family pets like cats and dogs, reported The Straits Times.

It is reported that the company is planning a trial run in the city of Ishikari, which is particularly ice prone in Hokkaido area. Currently, trial runs are going on in a driving school campus and are being closely supervised by expert trainers. The news website also reports that Domino's is planning to mount a pizza delivery bags on the animal's back.

However, the company is still unsure about how many reindeer they will be engaging and where to house them when they are off duty.

Prior to this reindeer plan, Domino's had come up with the world's first autonomous pizza delivery drone in the month of March in the Queensland, Australia. The Operator had to load the Domino's Robotic Unit (DRU) and then set a destination. The machines semi-autonomous mode helped the operator to have some control and set it back in tracks if something went wrong.