'Pitch Perfect 3' movie review: A movie which lacks the charm of its prequels

Pitch perfect
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The third and possibly the final installment in the popular 'Pitch Perfect' series is all set to grace the big screens in the United States on December 22, 2017. The film which had its premiere in Sydney on November 29, 2017, received mixed to negative reviews and industry experts are eagerly waiting to know the movie's verdict when it hits the US market.

Directed by Trish Sie, 'Pitch Perfect 3' stars Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld, Hana Mae Lee, and Kelley Jakle in the lead roles.

A film which failed to recreate the magic of its prequels

The first installment in the 'Pitch Perfect' franchise was released in 2012 without any hype and due to the word of the mouth publicity, it emerged as a sleeper hit at the box-office. The second part, which was released in 2015 garnered huge pre-release buzz and became an ultimate money spinner. What made these two films a must watch is that extra charm laced throughout the proceedings by the makers.

But when it comes to 'Pitch Perfect 3', this charm is lacking completely, and from the very first shot, audiences will feel something is going wrong with this flick. The movie which revolves around the story of a capella singing group begins in a very surprising manner where the viewers will witness loud explosions at a yacht. Touted to be a light-hearted comedy, this very beginning gives a negative outlook to the film, and this feeling continues until the credits started rolling.

Bellas are nearing their middle age

The story revolves around Bellas, the aspiring Capello music singers who are now graduated out from college and are nearing their middle ages. Even though they are split apart, something is hooking them together, and as a result, they reunite for an overseas USO tour. In between their musical journey, they should also deal with Fat Amy's long-estranged father who has some other intentions.

Crass comedies blended with running commentary by the media duo played by John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks literally turns this film to a desperate watch. Hardcore 'Pitch Perfect' fans may love this flick, but if you are the one who looks for a genuine light-hearted movie, then it is highly recommended to stay away.

The only saving grace of the movie is the impeccable portrayal of lead characters by the lady actors, but it is not sufficient enough to save a sinking movie which has a pathetic screenplay and over the board comedy scenes.