The Pioneer of Youmi Online Shop, Youmna Khoury Talks about Starting Her Own Business


The idea for beginning Youmi online shop only began as a dream when she created her own brand and a salon in Lebanon, and then started selling her own products online. Her brand is called and she is currently working on a new E-commerce project which will be a fresh trend, so stay tuned!

As somebody who maintained a salon business, Youmna has consistently been interested in everything style and magnificence. Hence, her online store is additionally identified with design and excellence. She sells the top quality bogus lashes, hair expansions and contact focal points to cause her customers to feel delightful and extraordinary about themselves. Her items are produced using the best materials, along these lines, not saving on quality for even the slightest bit. Through her online store, Youmi, she encourages her customers in staying aware of the most current trends in the fashion industry. As someone who started off with her own salon, and is now a successful Instagram model, we can be assured that the products she has created will definitely be top notch.

When asked about starting her own business, Youmna says that it was not an easy job. As a young woman in the field of business, she did have to face some problems and setbacks. However, Youmna talks about how the goal is to be persistent and hardworking and you can achieve anything in life. Starting your own business might seem very daunting initially but it is extremely great in the longer run. Youmna says that you need a lot of courage to take the first step and from there on, it is your determination and hard work that will get you to places. So, if you are someone whose dream is to start a business, do not let your dream go to waste. Work on it and be determined to achieve your goals.