Pigeons inside an Indian passenger plane create quite a flutter on the Internet, literally!

The birds flew inside the cabin through the luggage hold

The passengers on an Indian domestic aircraft were in for a surprise after two uninvited guests literally flew in the plane cabin creating quite a moment of panic for the passengers and a day full of hilarity on the Internet.

The passengers of an Indian domestic carrier - GoAir, traveling from the city of Ahmedabad to Jaipur, spotted the pigeons inside the aircraft on Friday. Multiple videos shared online showed passengers and even air hostesses ducking inside the plane, while the birds flew inside the cabin.

The video shows pigeon flying from one end of the plane to the other as crew members and passengers nervously duck around. Some also made an attempt to catch the bird but in vain.


Excited passengers got up from their seats to witness the scenario while someone also suggested the crew to open the backdoor of the flight so that the pigeon could fly out.

According to the details of the incident shared by the passengers on board the plane, the two birds flew inside the cabin through the luggage hold, while the passenger's luggage was being loaded on to the plane.

"Two pigeons had found their way inside the flight G8 702 while the passengers were boarding," an airline statement said on Saturday. "The crew immediately shooed away the birds. The flight took off at its scheduled time at 5 p.m.," it added.

Passengers on the domestic aircraft, however, claimed that the plane was delayed for 30 minutes before finally, the cabin crew was able to chase out the birds. The GoAir authorities have, however, maintained that the birds inside aircraft incident did not delay the flight schedules

The incident created quite a flutter on the Internet after the videos of the incident were shared on Twitter and YouTube. Thousands of online users found some comic relief. Many online users were curious to know if the birds had valid tickets to fly, others observed that maybe the birds were messenger-birds who were carrying somebody far-off.

Another passenger compared the incident to the.." Disney reboot of The Rescuers. They change the mice to birds and removed the seagull to make it more realistic. Winking face."