Pictures claiming to be of Wuhan lab that stores 1,500 viruses resurface on internet

Other theories have also resurfaced in the past few weeks

Pictures from 2018 are resurfacing on the internet, claiming that they are of the Wuhan Lab. The pictures were first published in a daily newspaper in China two years ago but they were removed later. The secretive lab in Wuhan has very few pictures in the public domain.

The images were published on social media again last month and one of the comments analysing the picture talked about the lack of proper care in the lab that has around 1,500 viruses.

A week before, the same newspaper which published the pictures, also talked about the coronavirus experiments that were undertaken in the labs in Wuhan. The experiments were said to have been conducted on bats which were captured 1,000 miles away from Yunan province. This is said to have had $3.7 million grant from the US Government.

Novel Coronavirus
Novel Coronavirus

The revelation by the DailyMail led to Donald Trump being asked about the leak in the lab. The US has been asking Beijing to come clean about the coronavirus and countries are moving towards filing lawsuits against China. There have been suggestions by the US President saying that the funding was done by the previous government.

Twitter reposts and pictures

There have been several pictures circulating on the internet which were said to be from the lab in Wuhan. Several people have been commenting about the pictures. The pictures first came to light through China Daily in 2018 and went viral again last month.

One of the initial comments by the Twitter user asked about the safety measures in the lab. It also asked why the fridge had a bad sealing in a high-security lab.

People have also been criticising the several theories that are going around in the lab. A new theory suggests that the coronavirus went around after an intern from the lab was infected and carried on to several other people. But Twitter users are finding the theory hard to believe.

Intel suggests Obama has given thousands of dollars to the Wuhan Lab

On Friday, April 17, a reporter asked a question to the Trump administration about the funding given to the Wuhan Lab in 2015. The President had said that the government will reply to the query later.

The suggestions have been going around saying that the Obama administration had funded the lab which is said to be a biowarfare lab making toxins and viruses that target American troops and even the civilians.

This article was first published on April 19, 2020
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