Photo of barricades blocking zebra crossing in Circular Road went viral, LTA clarified their actions

Circular Road’s zebra crossing
Circular Road’s zebra crossing LTA/ Facebook

Picture of Circular Road's zebra crossing showed that the barricades on both sides of the crossing actually not helping the pedestrians at all. After the photos were circulated online to grab the attention of the authority, Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Sunday, August 19 that the barricades have been moved away from the junction.

As per the pictures, the zebra crossing is located outside the BK Eating House. But, the barricades caused huge confusion among some social media users, who came across the image.

In a Facebook post, LTA stated on their social media platform, "The zebra crossing was planned to be shifted away from the road junction, to facilitate smoother traffic and make it safer for pedestrians. The barricade was set up first, while the original crossing was removed in the wee hours, to minimise the impact on motorists and nearby stall owners. The work was completed in a day."

They also appreciated the public's feedback and confirmed that they will provide a safer and more convenient transport system for all the residents of the country.

However, many people have criticized such actions and some of them also teased the authority by asking LTA to "use the brain before carrying out the installation." On the other hand, many people talked about other issues that can be solved by the authority.