Philly Explosions Explained: Hundreds of Massive Blasts Heard All Over Philadelphia [VIDEO]

  • The police said a total of 10 ATMs were vandalized by robbers who used dynamite sticks to blow up ATM machines

  • Philly locals claimed that they heard hundreds of explosions

  • Many believe it to be a psychological warfare being employed by the military

Even as protests have continued abated for the third day in Philadelphia, social media is flooded with reports of concerned citizens questioning about hundreds of massive explosions heard in the city giving rise to several conspiracy theories about the Philly explosions.

The Philly locals have refused that the police version that the city has seen a dozen ATM robberies that led to the explosions, one particular conspiracy theory that is widely being shared is the claim that the Philly explosions are psychological warfare employed by the Trump government.

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The police said on Tuesday morning that at least a dozen ATM machines exploded in Philadelphia. According to Fox 29, the last explosion heard in the morning at around 6 a.m. ET a 24-year-old man died after suffering injuries.

The police said a total of 10 ATMs were vandalized by robbers who used dynamite sticks to blow up ATM machines, Philadelphia CBS Local reported.

Police officials told Eyewitness News that vandals moved from one crime scene to another, making it impossible for the police to keep track of the robbers.

Images and video show ATMs were blown apart in Amber Street, East Allegheny Avenue using explosives that were planted by three people.

Two ATMs at 61st Street and Woodland Avenue in Southwest Philly were also blown up.

An eyewitness told CBS Local that it was a mob that went on a looting spree in every store including the Dunkin' Donuts, the jewelry store, and the Metro.

Philly Explosions: Social Media Refuses to Believe Police Version

While police have explained that the series of blasts heard in explosions were all connected to ATM robbers, social media users have several conspiracy theories that negate the police version.

A social media user said they heard hundreds of explosions. "No. Hundreds of massive explosions were heard all over Philly all night long. Something shady is going on in Philly, and this isn't the first time the police bombed us. You heard one bullshit reporter and ran with it without digging deeper. #phillyexplosions' a user tweeted.

Saleem Snow tweeted: "Last night was another night full of #PhillyExplosions. There was actually one in my neighborhood a couple blocks from the house. I've heard different explanations, but I want answers from officials.Because if our military is using psyche warfare against us...all bets are off."

Another social media user said: #PhillyExplosions is trending. It has been confirmed that these noises have been occurring since late Friday or early Saturday.I've talked to multiple sources and NONE have any idea of what they are. The Philadelphia Police Department's scanner has been turned off, too."

Many also believe it to be psychological warfare. "The government is using psychological warfare in Philly. Funny that the military shows up and suddenly there are explosions all night long. Also crazy that none of these mini-marts have security footage of ATMs exploding. It's total bullshit. #phillyexplosions" a user tweeted.