Philippines troops kill six Abu Sayyaf militants in two-day clashes

The Abu Sayyaf group is responsible for kidnappings for ransom and deadly bombings.

Abu Sayyaf group, Malaysia
Filipino soldiers stand near the bodies of members of Abu Sayyaf group, killed during a firefight with government soldiers, after they rescued two Indonesian hostages from Islamist militant captors, in Jolo, Sulu in southern Philippines, September 7, 2017 Reuters

Six suspected terrorists were killed and seven soldiers were wounded in a clash between the Philippines troops and the Abu Sayyaf militants in the Sulu province. The first in the series of clashes took place between the troops and the militants on Saturday in Sitio Itum, Sulu. The 45-minute battle killed an Abu Sayyaf member and wounded 4 others. Five soldiers from the 32nd infantry were wounded during the clash.

A second clash happened the next day between the troops and ASG on Sunday which resulted in the death of Sibih Pisih, a subgroup leader of the ASG, and four other members of the group. The group is responsible for various activities including kidnappings for ransom, deadly bombings, ambushes of security personnel, etc. It is considered the smallest yet most violent extremist group. During the clashes, the troops also retrieved firearms, ammunition and mobile phones on the site.