Philippines President Duterte addresses thousands of Filipinos in Singapore

Duterte slams his critics and human rights groups during his speech.

Philippines President Duterte addresses thousands of Filipinos in Singapore
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte poses for selfies with Filipinos living in Singapore after an orchid naming ceremony at Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore, December 16, 2016 Reuters

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte addressed thousands of Filipinos, who turned up to welcome him in Singapore on Friday during his visit to the nation. This is Duterte's first visit to Singapore after he took office in June.

During his speech, Duterte spoke about his controversial war on drugs and slammed the critics saying: "If you are into drugs... I will kill you".

He also addressed the human rights group and said: "If you were police why would you wrap a body up and put a cardboard [sic] on it? Just shoot them".

The human rights people also criticized the number of killings. Ever since Duterte launched his controversial war on drugs corpses have been piling up in cities all over the country. The crackdown has been linked to nearly 5,900 deaths in less than six months and three-quarters of these are estimated to have been part of police counter-narcotics operations.

The registration for the event, which was organized by the Philippine Embassy at the Singapore expo, was closed early due to high demand that crossed the venue's maximum capacity of 6,000 people. The crowd was seen gathering at the venue at the event from 8 am onwards.