Philippines floods kill at least five; thousands of people homeless

The civil defence officials expect more rainfall and warn the residents of Manila and nearby provinces.

At least five people died and tens of thousands have fled from floods in the Philippines, triggered due to continuous rainfall, rescuers said on Sunday.

The civil defence officials warned the residents of Manila and nearby provinces as they expect more heavy seasonal rain over the coming days. More than 24,000 people have taken shelter in schools and government buildings.

"We are expecting more low-lying areas to experience flooding," National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council spokeswoman Romina Marasigan told AFP.

"Those who are already in evacuation centres should stay there until the weather improves," she added.

Almost 9,000 people from Manila have been displaced by flooding from the Marikina River on Saturday.

According to the council, three Manila slum residents were killed by walls which collapsed in the floods on Saturday.

The council said although the majority of residents have remained at their homes, but more than 70,000 people suffered as their houses have been swamped by floodwaters.