US and Philippines
A U.S. Marines' member takes part in parachute drops during joint exercise. Reuters

The Philippines and US marine soldiers held a joint military exercise in Okinawa, Japan to intensify security partnership between the two allied countries.

The training, dubbed as kamandag (poison in English) will focus on amphibious capability, security and rescue operations.

Early last month the marine soldiers from the Philippine Assault Armor Battalion also held joint military exercise with their US counterparts from the 3rd Marine Division. The training exercise were trained on how to utilize amphibious assault equipment.

In a press statement released by the embassy, the Philippine soldiers acquired new amphibious skills t on include signalling , egress and water survival training.

The training course also includes equipment maintenance, logistical planning and equipment capabilities.

The Philippine and US military joint exercises continue despite the earlier statement of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte that the military exercise during the first quarter of the year will be the last.

Duterte also is considering of holding joint military exercises with China who just recently provided 3,000 assault rifles to Philippine soldiers to battle ISIS inspired militants in Marawi City.

Moreover, the Philippines and the US have been military allies as a result of the agreement both countries entered into in 1951 which both countries called the Mutual Defense Treaty.

In April 2014, the Philippines and the US continue their joint military exercise and they dubbed it as EDCA or the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). The EDCA will allow the rotation of US military troops to be deployed in the Philippines.