Philippine police arrest drunk British tourist for swimming in restricted waters

The drunk British man had dived into the sea which is a habitat of the peace loving whale sharks without orientation.

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Whale shark Reuters

Police authorities on Sunday morning arrested a drunk British Tourist from Cebu Province's Oslob municipality in the Central Philippines for threatening to kill a responding policeman in the village of Tan-awan.

Police identified the suspect as Adrian Gregory Griffiths, who is a resident at village Labangon in Cebu City. He threatened a police officer 1, Judel Rivera, that he would kill him in two days and threatened him that he would tear him into pieces.

The arrest of the British national happened when a village tourism officer alerted nearby police station that Griffith had plunged into the sea water, which is a known habitat of the endangered whale sharks, without orientation. It is a policy for any tourist to undergo orientation before swimming into the shore to observe wildlife policies.

When responding police officers arrived at the scene, Griffiths was already in the sea yelling at anyone who tries to pacify him. The responding police officers led by Rivera attempted to calm him down but Griffith yelled at him.

As the British National became unruly and threatened Rivera, the responding policemen immediately arrested him and brought him to their police station.

This is not the first time that a British national got arrested in Philippines. Another British citizen in Quezon City, Metro Manila was arrested last week for selling illegal drugs worth USD 400. Police identified the British national as 45 years old Deepak Kumar. He was arrested in an undercover entrapment at East Libis Bar in Quezon City, Metro Manila, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer broadsheet.

Police also recovered 4.93 grams of illegal drugs, which popularly known here as "shabu" from Kumar. Police authorities also notified the British embassy of this arrest.