Philip Villa Launches Muay Thai into the Fashion Industry

 Philip Villa

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is a martial art that originated in Thailand. Today, it is a sport that is well-known and practised all around the world. Muay Thai is often cited as a heavy influence on the modern kickboxing sport. It is also favored by many athletes in mixed martial arts or MMA which is the fastest-growing sport today.

Yokkao, a sportswear company in the Muay Thai world, is one of many that serves the industry. The brand offers a complete range of Muay Thai gear and equipment, and hosts international events and training seminars.

Started in 2010 by Italian entrepreneur Philip Villa, Yokkao has established a prominent presence in the industry. It is well-regarded for its world-class fight promotions but especially for its fashion-forward sportswear that makes it stand out from other traditional Muay Thai brands.

In the last few years, Yokkao has expanded its catalogue to include lifestyle goods and a clothing line. Villa and his team is now ready to take the brand into new territories with a full-fledged sportswear collection that is set to make its debut in the Milan Fashion Week.

It has been Philip Villa's vision for his brand to connect the worlds of Muay Thai and fashion since day one. In the last two years, Villa and his team have started working on the project behind the scenes, keeping it under wraps. The cross cultural collaboration sees Italian fashion designers working together with Villa and the Yokkao team in Thailand.

First unveiled on Villa's Instagram account, the sportswear collection features an exciting product range including Muay Thai boxing gear, lifestyle accessories and apparel with a fashionable touch.

Villa and the design team have been putting the finishing touches in the last few weeks leading to the launch of its Fall/Winter collection in Milan. The sportswear collection will then make its way across Italy to showrooms in Rome and Naples before going international to Copenhagen, Madrid, New York and Hong Kong.

This project marks a big step forward for Philip Villa, Yokkao and the Muay Thai industry on the whole. The launch of the Muay Thai-inspired sportswear collection in the fashion industry is truly unprecedented for the Thai boxing sport.