Philcoin, the Philanthropic Blockchain Ecosystem, Teams Up with Indacoin, a Fiat-to-Crypto Gateway


Philcoin, which claims to be one of the only true philanthropic ecosystems, has entered a partnership with Indacoin, a fiat-to-crypto conversion platform.

The collaboration should enable credit and debit cardholders to purchase $PHL tokens instantly in over 180 different countries. Via the strategic partnership, there will also be an integration within Philcoin's decentralized super app, PHILApp, where Philcoin's app users may acquire its native token through an easy-to-use "Buy now" feature.

Philcoin's philanthropic ecosystem is focused on addressing two key challenges. The first challenge is that a third of the global population is currently residing in disadvantaged areas and they don't have reliable access to the Internet. The second issue is that many consumers have lost confidence in the conventional charitable sector as many donations get lost along the way or are simply unaccounted for.

Philcoin's PHILApp is described as a decentralized app that requires relatively low bandwidth and provides various features and products along with a donate-and-earn option in order to educate consumers about how to give responsibly. Developed by leveraging distributed ledger technology (DLT), PHILApp's transactions are highly secure, permanently recorded and transparent. This should help with restoring users' confidence in making and obtaining charitable donations.

Jerry Lopez, Founder and CEO of Philcoin, said that he's looking forward to working with Indacoin who will offer them access to a larger market in more than 180 countries.

Lopez added that this means they're well-positioned to offer frictionless services to consumers across the globe. He pointed out that they have a customer base of more than 250,000 users throughout the world via their app and they are now expecting this figure to rise with their latest partnership.

Lopez remarked: "Imagine how much potential that holds when millions of people can use Philcoin, and its donate-and-earn products, to empower themselves while empowering others."

Philcoin's diverse ecosystem reportedly includes a social platform, free-of-cost educational resources, one of the very first donate-and-earn staking mechanisms, NFT (or non-fungible token) referral rewards, encrypted messenger service, and more than a thousand charities.
Philcoin intends to establish one of the largest international movements of philanthropists. Indacoin's overall reach and industry exposure should help spread the word regarding Philcoin and this should inspire consumers to give back.

It's worth noting that Philcoin aims to serve as a philanthropic movement on the blockchain. The team aims to develop a globally-accessible and interactive ecosystem. Its mission is to turn the daily use of the "Internet of Things" or IoT into a way through which consumers earn while also using popular products and services.

Philcoin is focused on its goal of assisting consumers with building an all-digital economy while chatting, watching TV, playing video games, educating themselves, and shopping - all while closing the wealth and opportunity inequality gap.

As noted in the announcement, Indacoin is considered to be a pioneer in the fiat-to-crypto gateway segment with Visa and Mastercard processing internationally. The firm has been offering its services since 2014 and its main focus lies in creating anti-fraud software, which has enabled clients to safely purchase virtual currencies.