Philanthropreneur Roy Tabet talks about his journey, says each and every one has taught me something in life

Roy Tabet,

Entrepreneur philanthropists also known as philanthropreneur are the people who innovate ideas and fresh thinking to solve social problems or improve the community and environment through their entrepreneurial earnings.

Roy Tabet is an entrepreneur from Lebanon who started his career by working for a luxury concierge services company in Beirut until he realised his actual goal. Roy is also a philanthropist who is associated with Stallion Empowerment, a philanthropic endeavor by the Stallion group.

Currently being involved in two different activities, Roy Tabet talks about his experience and learnings acquired from his journey as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist at the same time.

Roy says, "I've always been blessed, but that doesn't mean I haven't struggled. I've had my ups and downs and learned how to ask for help. I've been supported, which has taught me how to support. I've traveled a lot. I've done luxury trips, hiking trips, philanthropic trips and spiritual trips. I can say for sure that each and every one has taught me something, and has helped shape me".

Being an entrepreneur brings in a lot of responsibilities for Roy. Best known for his engaging and socializing nature, Roy has successfully conducted his responsibilities and contribution of acquiring new clients, public relations and upholding brand image.

As a Philanthropist, Roy has been selflessly contributing some part of his earnings to various fields like education, healthcare, creation of jobs, and more through Stallion Empowerment. Not just Roy but his family too is always willing to engage in many such activities towards the development of society and culture.

Roy Tabet is a graduate from the international university of Monaco with a Bachelors in Business administration. He was born in Beirut and is now based in the UAE with his family.