Philadelphia Shooting: 14 Shot, 3 Killed as Several Active Shooters Opened Fire Into a Crowd on South Street

Multiple gunmen opened fire into a crowd on South Street in Philadelphia, killing three and wounding 11 on late Saturday night. Police responded to the intersection of the 2nd and South streets on the reports of several active shooters at the scene.

Inspector D.F. Pace revealed that there were hundreds of individuals just enjoying South Street, as they do every single weekend when the shooting broke out, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Shooting
Several active shooters opened fire into a crowd on South Street in Philadelphia. Twitter

An Unidentified Man Was Seen Firing

An unidentified man was seen firing into a crowd of people when officers arrived at the scene. At least three shots were fired by an officer but it's unknown whether somebody was hit.

Officials have not made any arrests but they recovered two guns including one with an extended magazine.

Victims Were Taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Victims were rushed to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where one was declared dead after the arrival.

Philadelphia Shooting
Philadelphia shooting Twitter

Among the three deceased one is a 22-year-old man while another is a 25-year-old woman, according to the police.

A Large Number of Police Personnel At The Scene

Officials have urged locals to avoid the area of 3rd and South Streets in the wake of the shooting.

Police witnessed one of the gunmen running south on American Street. A number of police officers have surrounded the area in the search of any evidence to find the gunmen.

Philadelphia Shooting
Hundreds of individuals were enjoying South Street at the time of the shooting. Twitter

"I want to emphasize that South Street is manned by numerous police officers. This is standard deployment for Friday and Saturday night - weekends - and especially during the summer months," said Pace, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Hundreds of People Were At the Scene At The Time Of Shooting

Hundreds of people were at the site where the shooting took place. Officials are also in the search for any surveillance video, which can help them to identify and trace the shooters. They are also looking for surveillance videos to help them identify the shooters.

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