Peter Triantos believes with hard work, you can find your voice

Peter Triantos

Peter was meant to be an artist since he was in third grade. Rather than taking the traditional route, he went against the grain to study art. Instead of learning through a formal education, Peter learned the art by collecting. He feels at home in the art world because of its fluid nature and the ability to express yourself. Art is a way for Peter to do great things for humanity and leave this world a better place. And he is living proof that it's never too late to live your dreams.

Peter believes we are all unique in our own way. But one thing that makes him unique is that he left his job as a carpenter and home builder at 47 years old for his passion—to create fine art. With his energetic personality and nonstop work ethic, he created a new life for himself as an artist and went on to run five galleries in Toronto, one of which is his own studio. The great thing about starting a new business is that it has surpassed any of Peter's wildest dreams. He has found an outlet to have a voice. But with that voice, comes responsibility. You have to be careful not to put your foot in your mouth by trying to say the "right thing." Peter is committed to leading with authenticity in everything he does.

For Peter, fear is a killer of dreams. It restricts the natural flow of life and keeps you trapped. His goal is to live a fluid life, allowing life to flow like a river. If something comes up that is restrictive, or he doesn't like, he moves things around to change the flow until he is back on track. With a strong mindset, you can continue to grow. You should constantly check in with yourself so you don't get caught in a rut. Even as a man approaching 60, he enjoys learning every day to remain fresh and new in the art world. He's always looking to do more so he doesn't get caught in a rut. Facing disbelief in your passion from others can be difficult. You don't live twice, this is your only life. "Find out what you're really good know what you truly want," says Peter. Peter learned the importance of doing his own research to figure out where he wanted to go.

You have to believe in yourself and remain authentic. There's no magic potion that will give you the win you are looking for. But with hard work, you can find your voice. You will work from your heart, to change humanity for the better. "Each person has a time where they fit in. And when they make that decision to pursue a career (some later, some sooner) it's when you feel it is right," he says.