Peter Andre won't let his children see him naked

Peter Andre
Peter Andre IANS Photo: Twitter/@MrPeterAndre

Singer Peter Andre has not been afraid to parade his chiseled figure throughout his career, but he says he "is not comfortable" being naked around his children.

The singer's revelation comes after his wife Emily MacDonagh, 28, said she doesn't "cover up" if they see her in the nude, in order to help them "learn what's normal" about their bodies, reports

Andre wrote in his column: "There's nothing wrong with walking around the house naked or sharing a bath together, but I tend to keep myself covered up. Obviously, when the kids were babies it wasn't something I thought about, but now they're older. It's not something I'd feel comfortable doing.

"Again, it's just my way of doing things. There's nothing wrong with families that view it differently to me."

MacDonagh shares two children with the "Mysterious Girl" hitmaker -- daughter Amelia, 4, and son Theo, born in November 2016. (IANS)