Personal feud turns public as Singapore PM's brother backs opposition

 Lee Hsien Yang
Lee Hsien Yang Reuters

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's brother Lee Hsien Yang showed his support for opposition Progress Singapore Party ahead of Singapore General election which is expected to be held this year.

Earlier this year, the political veteran and former lawmaker of People's Action Party (PAP) Tan Cheng Bock announced his return to politics and said that he has filed an application to form a new political party. Later, on March 28 "Progress Singapore Party" was formed officially with a moto, "For Country, For People."

On Sunday, July 28 PM Lee's brother Lee Hsien Yang wrote on his Facebook wall that the ruling PAP, which was formed by his father Lee Kuan Yew had "lost its way."

In his Facebook statement, he said: "I wholeheartedly support the principles and values of the Progress Singapore Party." Over 5,000 people reacted to the comments of Lee Hsien Yang as it is a clear proof of supporting the opposition party while his brother is leading PAP as Primne Minister of the country.

This status showed that the tweet was shared by the opposition on its Facebook page which is showing 2,967 followers at the time of writing this article.

These comments come after a bitter feud between the brothers over what they will do with their father Lee Kuan Yew's house, while Singapore General Election is months away and must be held by 2021 maximum.

It should be noted that PAP, the ruling party of Singapore has been leading the country since 1959 general elections following its independence. It is a record that the party never dropped below 60 per cent. It currently holds all but six of the 89 elected seats in the island nation's Parliament.

Recently as per World Politics Review, Kai Ostwald, a political scientist who specializes in Southeast Asia at the University of British Columbia stated that a number of other regional and global factors might pose possible threat to the ruling party.