Perrie Edwards is unhappy with Zayn Malik for mentioning about their failed relationship during interviews. The former One Direction star had called off his engagement with the Little Mix singer.

A source told Reveal magazine: "She feels like he is tormenting her all the time. Barely a week passes without him making some veiled comment about not loving her, and she's been pushed to the limit."

"For Zayn, it may be just an interview to promote his album, but for Perrie it's adding insult to injury every time he talks about their relationship and makes out it was less than it was. Perrie is furious because, as she sees it, she was madly in love with Zayn and they had been getting on great - then he dropped the bombshell that he was leaving her," the insider added.

Malik had previously revealed how their break-up inspired his solo album, Mind of Mine. During an interview with Complex magazine, the 23-year-old singer was asked how many songs are about love and how many are about pain and heartbreak. He replied: "There's a good ratio of both. There's a lot of falling in love and a lot of falling out of love. It's probably 60/40, falling out of love."

"I feel like you get creative with things when you can be honest. Whether that's positive or negative, it can work both ways. If you're in a really good place, you can write a really good, upbeat song. When you're in a shit place you can write a downbeat fucking ballad! That's just the way it is. But I feel like you can draw good creative things from both," he added.