People and Technology Have More in Common Than We Realize: Avinash Gowda Uses Critical Thinking to Understand Both

Avinash Gowda

20 years ago, not many people were obtaining master's degrees in computer vision, image processing, and artificial intelligence subjects, but Avinash Gowda saw the potential of intelligent machines and started building his foundation early on. Figuring out that he had a knack for this field and a passion for its future, Dr. Gowda went on to secure a Ph.D. in computer vision, which ended up propelling his career in the perfect direction.

He started working on developing advanced driver assistance systems using camera technology by leading multiple technical teams globally located that developed autonomous cars. This role allowed Avinash to showcase his technical knowledge while putting to work his leadership capabilities, proving to himself and to others that he was a natural leader across dynamic teams. Switching from an individual high performer to finding a passion for helping large teams succeed, Avinash had figured out his perfect niche.

The Convergence of People and Technology

Continuing on in his career, Avinash Gowda kept finding himself in roles that allowed him to grow in technical spaces while also leading teams on successful development journeys. During his tenure, he has been the strategic leader behind teams who developed stereo cameras for mobile phones, built out product roadmaps for cutting-edge technologies, and mentored many people along the way.

It takes a special skill set to understand the inner workings of technology and it also takes a unique leader to truly grasp nuanced team dynamics, but Avinash has proven that he can do both simultaneously.

A Trailblazer in Technological Leadership

After working in organizations of various sizes up to as big as 130 engineers and in different capacities, Avinash found his role as a leader of the engineering function at ideaForge Technology Pvt. Ltd. As if this role was made for him, it allows Dr. Gowda to lead technologies converging the process of researching, developing, and engineering systems for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV). As his team works to build flight autonomy and other features for the defense and homeland security in UAVs, Avinash Gowda brings a fresh approach, emphasizing collaboration above all else.

In a time when many organizations across the globe only see each other as competitors, Avinash challenges his team and fellow leaders to consider partnership opportunities within and across the eco-system that will drive the most effective outcomes. If his career has taught him anything, it's that humans are more powerful when working together than we will ever be when working as competitors.

While his human-centric approach to a very technically-focused industry may have some leaders scratching their heads, Avinash has proven time and time again that putting people first pays off. Simply by looking at his current team and its progress since he joined the organization, it's clear that Avinash speaks with a high level of expertise. As Dr. Gowda likes to express "An organized team is an extended capability of the leader's vision". When he joined ideaForge, it was right after the job market was incredibly hot, forcing organizations to fight for the best employees, and ideaForge was not immune to feeling the strain of this competition.

Along with other leaders in the organization, Avinash helped shift the approach. Though technical successes will always be important, he reframed things and focused on creating an enabling environment. By placing the way people feel and the way they work at the center of his leadership strategy, confidence returned to his team and the organization as a whole.

Success Speaks for Itself

Avinash Gowda has had no shortage of technical successes in his career; simply take a look at the 30+ scholarly articles and technical publications, including patents. However, patents and articles are unable to showcase the leaps and bounds Avinash has made as a leader. Early in his career, he felt a passion for something much bigger than technology; he found a passion for the people behind the technology and illustrated that any tech stack is only as good as the people behind it. It's leaders like Avinash that will make the technology of tomorrow truly great, simply by focusing on the people creating it.