People might not feel comfortable coming out in public spaces post Coronavirus pandemic: Study

  • 83% people are inclined towards getting more chemical cleaners and disinfectants

  • 11% of people are not sure if they will ever return to work again

According to research commissioned by Vital Vio, 40 percent of Americans are going to avoid public spaces for very long unless it is "absolutely necessary" even after coronavirus pandemic becomes less intense. In a survey with 1,000 US adults, researchers asked how they picture their everyday life after the coronavirus ends.

Around 82 percent of the people said they are now more concerned about cleanliness in public areas. And almost 60 percent people have become more concerned about their friends and family's hygiene habits. People who told that they will return to public spaces, are not going to come back immediately but will take time. Nearly 25 percent of people said they will wait for weeks between one to two months. Around 16 percent of people said that they might not ever feel comfortable for coming out in public spaces again.

According to StudyFinds, Colleen Costello, CEO and co-founder of Vital Vio said we have gone far from normal life after shifting from shutting down to easing up from restrictions. "In fact, our report spotlights how Americans' heightened germ concerns could push them to avoid social interactions and public spaces unless absolutely necessary, even after it's deemed safe by the government," he added.

People worry about bringing stuff inside

Coronavirus Supermarket Shopping

A major number of people said they are scared about even bringing groceries, packages and mails inside the house. Around 57 percent of people clean them prior to getting inside. About 83 percent of Americans are now leaned towards buying more chemical cleaners and disinfectants. Meanwhile, younger respondents from the survey are curious about finding out different and new ways of cleaning like 43 percent through air filters and 21 percent through UV light sanitizers.

The idea of technology that is automated and simplifies cleaning is liked by Americans across all the ages. Around 52 percent of people are interested in buying such technology and 64 percent prefer to shift somewhere that offers services of self-cleaning.

All businesses should make sanitizer widely available

Hand Sanitiser
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About 76 percent of respondents said they are interested in starting a business that is known for their clean spaces. Half of the people are not sure about businesses that are not transparent about their cleaning practises. Many of them are willing to pay extra for cleanliness in industries like travel, dining and retail stores.

Majority of people believes that all the business should make sanitizer widely available, hire more cleaning staff and equip themselves with automated cleaning technology. While talking about office places, many people have become used to work from home and some of them will still take a few weeks even after it seems "safe". And 11 percent people are still unsure if they will ever return.

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