People Could Still Get Infected by Coronavirus 'Despite Having Vaccine', Warns NHS Doctor

The UK doctor, Dr. Sara Kayat said that people need to be cautious and keep following all the safety measures to avoid COVID-19

While hundreds of thousands of potential Coronavirus vaccine doses have already been developed and manufactured in several parts of the world, a UK doctor claimed that people who will get the shot, after it becomes available, could still contract the SARS-CoV-2.

Dr. Sara Kayat, a practicing NHS GP, recently claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine won't work for everyone, and because of that people will need to continue to follow all the safety measures and be cautious.

The doctor, who graduated from King's College London in 2009, with a medical degree (MBBS), said, "we know that Jonathan Van-Tam [ Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England] has been reported as saying that he doesn't think it's unrealistic that we'll be able to have COVID-19 vaccine from the Oxford trial during December time."

But as per Dr. Sara, it is important to be cautiously optimistic. If a vaccine gets ready by the end of 2020, it won't be available for everyone as the first jabs will be given to those people who are at most risk.

Dr Sara Kayat
Dr Sara Kayat, NHS GP Instagram/ Dr Sara Kayat

'Not Helpful for Everyone'

As per the doctor who is frequently seen on the health segments on ITV News, said that people should be aware of the fact that the upcoming vaccines won't help everyone, and "some people will still get the virus despite having the vaccine".

She also continued explaining her understanding of vaccine effects while saying that with the flu vaccine, "we know that it is only around 50 percent effective," so the COVID-19 vaccine could be almost the same and that is why "we still need to practice hands, face, space." According to her, the vaccine is not the ultimate answer to this health crisis. "We will still need treatment, all these other measures but it will be a cautiously optimistic thing to look forward to," Dr. Sara added.

Such shocking comments from the UK doctor came after Van-Tam said that NHS is preparing to introduce a vaccine, developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca, soon after Christmas after the trials have shown promising results. Just a few days ago he also stated that the vaccine could enter the third stage of clinical trial and be rolled out in December.

However, in terms of a Coronavirus vaccine efficacy, a report published in The Lancet said, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that "successful vaccines should show disease risk reduction of at least 50 percent, with 95 percent CI that true vaccine efficacy exceeds 30 percent". But as per the report, the impact of these vaccines on Coronavirus infection and thus transmission "is not being assessed".

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