Pence's remarks on Pakistan worrisome: Tehmina Janjua

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua in a Senate Standing Committee session on Friday expressed deep concern over US Vice President Mike Pences comments on Pakistan.

Making an unannounced trip to Afghanistan, Pence on Thursday warned Pakistan over "providing safe havens to the Taliban and other groups for too long".

Janjua said that the US must treat Pakistan and India on equal footing. She said that Pence's comments were worrisome and that US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis had assured Islamabad of resolving the issue of Afghan soil being used by terrorists to carry out attacks in Pakistan, the Express Tribune reported.

"Those days are over," Pence said on Thursday in Kabul and added that Pakistan had much to gain from partnering with the US, and much to lose by harbouring "criminals and terrorists".

Janjua also spoke about the Jerusalem row and told the committee that Pakistan adopted a clear position at the UN on the issue, especially on the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, reported Radio Pakistan.